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We Are Losing the Good Fight

February 21, 2012

I have been so involved with meaningless projects that I have neglected writing this blog for No, that is not true. I have been too bereft of any hope we would rescue this once great Republic from the grip of that smug Islamic lover, Barack the Boastful. But, people say to me, “Hey, Bob, aren’t you proud of the fact that you have been predicting an Obama second term even when the economy was in the tank?”Why would I be proud that I was forced by the facts to make the prediction I made? What disturbs me the most is that my fellow Republicans once again proved they would rather destroy each other than see one of their own defeat this enemy in the White House. I must confess the best candidates chose not to run. I am talking about Mitch Daniels, the governor of Indiana; the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie; and the former governor of Florida, Jeb Bush. I could also name Paul Ryan, the great Congressman from Wisconsin.

What is there about Republicans that makes them want to destroy their own? I understand that politics is a very competitive enterprise. I understand that negative ads work. I know that people respond much more to negative campaigns about the other guy than to positive campaigns about oneself. But, do the Democrats engage in that type of destruction of their fellow Dems? And, when the smoke clears and the intramural battle is over, don’t the Democrats rally behind the victor? I know I must sound naive, but I can dream, can’t I? Perhaps I should try to look at this bleak scenario in a different light. You see, the second Obama term will allow the president to continue what he has begun in the first term: destroy the Republic as we have known it. Any further elections will be meaningless because the legacy of Barack Obama will be many things — none of them good. Future elections will be similar to the show trials of the Soviet Union. In another words, the outcome will be as predictable as Fidel Castro’s election victories, or Hugo Chavez “winning” another election in Venezuela. And just think of the money we will save. Elections are very costly. We won’t have to worry about hiring poll watchers and all the millions of people who are overpaid just to stand around and drink coffee and eat doughnuts.

Hey, I wonder what Obama and Michelle will do with all that money? Wow . . . I am excited. I can&38217;t wait until November 6 when the American people prove once again how stupid they are. It is all enough to make a law abiding citizen go berserk!

Bob Grant

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